Transportation Distribution & Logistics

This pathway includes careers involved in the planning, management and movement of people, materials and products by road, air, rail and water. It also includes related professional and technical services such as infrastructure planning and management, logistics, and maintenance of equipment and facilities.

Career Pathways

Requires on-the-job training, work experience, and/or a high school diploma
Job Average Hourly Rate*
Outdoor Power Equipment Mechanic and Small Engine Mechanic $18.65
Automotive Service Technician & Mechanic $21.78
Motorboat Mechanic and Service Technician $24.24
Requires two years of education beyond high school or on-the-job experience
Job Average Hourly Rate*
Bus and Truck Mechanic and Diesel Engine Specialist $23.60
Automotive Body and Related Repairs $24.84
Requires four or more years of education beyond high school plus work experience
Job Average Hourly Rate*
First Line Supervisor of Transportation & Material Moving Workers $24.99
Project Management Specialist and Business Operations Specialist $38.30
Logistician $41.97
Transportation, Storage, and Distribution Manager $45.92

Training Pathways

Middle and high school career or career academy programs
Training Programs Institution
Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair Crestview High School
Certifications, technical programs or two-year degree programs
Training Programs Institution
Automotive Service Okaloosa Technical College
Marine Service Technician Okaloosa Technical College
Project Manager – Logistics Northwest Florida State College
Bachelor's, master's or doctoral programs
Training Programs Institution
Management with Management Specialization University of West Florida

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IMPORTANT: In each potential pathway, the ability to transfer credits from one program level to the next is dependent on a variety of factors. Statewide articulation agreements may assist in these efforts but are not available for all potential career pathways. Ongoing guidance from academic career advisors and supervisors throughout your education and training pathway is recommended.

Note: Entrepreneurial skills are frequently incorporated in different Career Pathways programs to help students prepare to launch and contribute to successful enterprises of all types.

*Salary information source: Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, Bureau of Labor Market Statistics. The final education and wage rate is the decision of the hiring employer.