At the end of the day, if you like to step back and really see what you’ve done. You may be perfect for a career in construction. Whether you are outdoors building the skyline, or inside adding the finishing touches to a project, a career in construction provides an opportunity to create, rejuvenate and develop new buildings and infrastructure.

Career Pathways

Requires on-the-job training, work experience, and/or a high school diploma
Job Average Hourly Rate*
Construction Laborer $16.23
Roofer $18.62
Installation, Maintenance, Repair Worker $25.57
Requires two years of education beyond high school or on-the-job experience
Job Average Hourly Rate*
Plumber, Pipefitter, Steamfitter $21.33
Electrician $23.85
First Line Supervisor of Construction Trades $27.17
Requires four or more years of education beyond high school plus work experience
Job Average Hourly Rate*
Architectural Engineer $44.36
Electrical Engineer $45.59
Civil Engineer $46.91

Training Pathways

Middle and high school career or career academy programs


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Certifications, technical programs or two-year degree programs
Training Programs Institution/School
A.S. Architectural Design and Construction TechnologyPensacola State College
AC Refrigeration and Heating TechnicianOkaloosa Technical College
AC Refrigeration and HeatingGeorge Stone Technical College
Advanced WeldingOkaloosa Technical College
Advanced WeldingPensacola State College
Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Heating Technology 1Locklin Technical College
Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Heating Technology 2Locklin Technical College
Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Heating TechnologyTom P. Haney Technical College
Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating TechnologyTom P. Haney Technical College
Apprenticeship - Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Heating TechnologyLocklin Technical College
Architectural Design and Construction TechnologyNorthwest Florida State College
Architectural Design and Construction-Technology TechnologyPensacola State College
Architecture Design and ConstructionGulf Coast State College
Automotive Service Technology 1Locklin Technical College
Automotive Service Technology 2Pensacola State College
Building Construction TechnologyChipola College
Building Trades and Construction Design TechnicianOkaloosa Technical College
CNC MachinistGulf Coast State College
Cabinet MakingFlorida Panhandle Technical College
Carpentry Pensacola State College
Carpentry CertificationPensacola State College
CarpentryFlorida Panhandle Technical College
CarpentryOkaloosa Technical College
Civil Engineering TechnologyChipola College
Composite Manufacturing SpecialistGulf Coast State College
DraftingFlorida Panhandle Technical College
Electrician (Electricity)Tom P. Haney Technical College
ElectricianTom P. Haney Technical College
ElectricianFlorida Panhandle Technical College
ElectricianFlorida Panhandle Technical CollegeTom P. Haney Technical College
ElectricianLocklin Technical College
ElectricianOkaloosa Technical College
Electricity CertificationPensacola State College
ElectricityEmerald Coast Technical College
ElectricityLocklin Technical College
ElectricityPensacola State CollegeGeorge Stone Technical College
Engineering Technology - Building ConstructionGulf Coast State College
Engineering Technology Maintenance Technician SpecialistNorthwest Florida State College
Engineering Technology Mechanical Design and Fabrication SpecialistNorthwest Florida State College
HVAC CertificationPensacola State College
Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning/RefrigerationEmerald Coast Technical College
Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Pensacola State College
Heavy Equipment Operations TechFlorida Panhandle Technical College
Industrial Management TechnologyChipola College
Industrial PipefitterTom P. Haney Technical College
Maintenance & Light RepairLocklin Technical College
Plumbing TechnologyPensacola State College
Project Management – Technology ManagementNorthwest Florida State College
Welding Technology - AdvancedGeorge Stone Technical College
Welding Technology AdvancedChipola CollegeTom P. Haney Technical College
Welding TechnologyTom P. Haney Technical College
Welding TechnologyChipola CollegeTom P. Haney Technical College
Welding TechnologyGeorge Stone Technical College
Welding TechnologyLocklin Technical College
Welding TechnologyPensacola State College
Bachelor's, master's or doctoral programs
Training Programs Institution/School
B.S. Electrical EngineeringPensacola State College
B.S. Engineering Technology - Building ConstructionPensacola State College
Building ConstructionUniversity of West Florida
Civil EngineerFlorida State University
Civil EngineerFlorida State University (Bay County)FAMU-FSU College of Engineering
Computer EngineerFlorida State University
Computer EngineerFlorida State University (Bay County)
Construction ManagementUniversity of West Florida
Electrical EngineerFlorida State University
Electrical EngineerFlorida State University (Bay County)
Electrical EngineeringUniversity of West Florida
Engineering Technology/Building ConstructionUniversity of West Florida
Environmental EngineeringFAMU-FSU College of EngineeringFlorida State University
Mechanical EngineeringUniversity of West Florida

Northwest Florida Career Pathways provides a broad snapshot of the job titles and average hourly rate for the noted eight participating Counties. Please select a county for the applicable county specific job title/average hourly rate and training programs in each geographic area.

IMPORTANT: In each potential pathway, the ability to transfer credits from one program level to the next is dependent on a variety of factors. Statewide articulation agreements may assist in these efforts but are not available for all potential career pathways. Ongoing guidance from academic career advisors and supervisors throughout your education and training pathway is recommended.

Note: Entrepreneurial skills are frequently incorporated in different Career Pathways programs to help students prepare to launch and contribute to successful enterprises of all types.

*Salary information source: Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, Bureau of Labor Market Statistics. The final education and wage rate is the decision of the hiring employer.

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