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Northwest Florida Career Pathways helps people starting from any point get on the path to a rewarding career. Whether you are a middle school student interested in exploring possible careers, a parent or mentor providing guidance to a student, or an adult considering a new direction, Career Pathways can get you started. Here are a few success stories.

Dale – Fire Fighter

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Pathway: Fire Fighting
First: Pine Forest High School – Fire Fighting Academy
Next: George Stone Technical College Fire Program
Later: Pensacola Fire Dept. Cadet Academy and Career Fire Fighter

Dale started with the hands-on training in the Fire Fighter Career Acadmey at Pine Forest High School in 9th grade. His next step was George Stone Technical College's Fire/EMT Program. Then he contiuned with the Pensacola Fire Deptrtment's Cadet Academy and a career as a Fire Fighter.


Madison – Aviation Maintenance

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Pathway: Aerospace & Engineering
First: Booker T. Washington HS – Aviation Maintenance
Next: George Stone Technical College
Later: Career in Aviation Maintenance

Madison started with the hands-on training in the Aviation Maintenance Program at Booker T. Washington High School. She currently is at George Stone Technical College in the Aviation Airframe Mechanics Program. Aviation Maintenance is a growing field in Northwest Florida, and Madison is ready and well-prepared to turn her love of airplanes into a rewarding career.


Sydney — Arts, AV & Communication

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Pathway: Arts, AV & Communication
First: Gulf Breeze High School Multimedia Design & Technology Academy
Next: University of West Florida Global Marketing
Later: Career in Graphic Design

Sydney chose to attend Gulf Breeze High School when she moved here before her junior year. She chose the school because of the Career Pathway program in Arts, AV, and Communication. She became certified in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Animate and gained real-world experience. She has continued on to University of West Florida to study Global Marketing.


Tyler — Cybersecurity/IT

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Pathway: Cybersecurity/IT
First: Locklin Technical Academy
Now: Career in Graphic Design

Tyler is a former military infantryman who wanted to work in computer science. He found the program he needed at Locklin Technical College. He gained valuable industry certifications too, including CompTIA A+, Network+ and Security+. With this foundation, Tyler could directly enter the job market with multiple options to choose from. Today, he is an instructor at Locklin Technical College giving back to the program.


Jeff — Automotive Technology

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Pathway: Aerospace & Engineering
First: Locklin Technical College
Now: Career in Automotive Mechanics

After spending 26 years in the Navy, Jeff decided to pursue a career in automotive technology. The program at Locklin Technical College allowed Jeff to get his Master Certification in ASE. Jeff also had the opportunity to intern in the workplace while still in school. A career as an automotive technician was ready and waiting.


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